Why Working With Bloggers Is Beneficial For PR & Marketing Companies

Why Working With Bloggers Is Beneficial For PR & Marketing Companies

A couple of weeks ago a asked about guest posting on my blog, I was contacted by the lovely team at VerriBerri who said they would collaboratively work together to create a blog post for me, as a PR team, they decided it would be fitting to write about benefits of working with PR companies, this is what they came up with.


Blogging isn’t a new concept, in fact it has been popular since the 90s, when the growth of online forums and personal internet diaries began. However, in recent years with the huge popularity of social media platforms, blogging categories such as lifestyle, travel and food have skyrocketed, with millions of people around the world owning their own little corner of the internet.

While bloggers tend to start their pages because they are inspired by a particular passion, there is no ignoring the fact that successful bloggers can be extremely valuable to brands and, more specifically, PR and Marketing companies. Here are just a few of the reasons why working with bloggers can be beneficial.


  1. Bloggers are trusted to be honest

One of the biggest draws to following bloggers is receiving honest, impartial reviews on products or services. That means if you know your client’s product is of a high quality, a partnership with a blogger can be the perfect way of spreading the word. Nobody wants to learn about a brand from the brand themselves, whereas readers trust bloggers as a reliable third party. This means bloggers receive a great product, readers will be enticed to try the product themselves, and this increases sales for the brand – a win-win for all involved!


  1. Bloggers are active across multiple channels

When it comes to blogging, a website is rarely enough in the virtual world we live in. Bloggers will almost always have a Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest page (or all of them!) to accompany their main page, which allows for reviews and pictures to span multiple platforms, all with slightly different target audiences. This means if you work with bloggers, you will receive exposure on a variety of channels.


  1. Their audience is targeted

Bloggers pages are usually focused on a particular passion of theirs, whether that’s food, fashion, fitness or travel. This means their followers will be equally as interested in this topic, instantly narrowing down your target audience to a specific and relevant group of people. This is perfect for marketing companies such as VerriBerri PR and Marketing in Essex, who hold blogger events for their clients: “One of our clients is a restaurant owner and inviting locally-based food bloggers to an exclusive event was the perfect way of spreading his name throughout the local foodie community. You can always trust bloggers to follow up with a detailed and well-written review, which is exactly what we saw happen!”



  1. SEO purposes

Receiving backlinks to your clients’ websites via bloggers’ pages is a great way to increase their rankings on Google. If a fantastic blog review is one of the first things that pops up when your client’s name is searched, it gives a great initial impression from an unbiased source.


  1. They do it for the love of blogging!

If there’s one thing you can always count on with bloggers, it’s that they absolutely love what they do. Sarah Kauter, Managing Director at VerriBerri PR and Marketing says: “People may think that bloggers are paid a lot to do all of this event attending and product testing, however most cover their own travel and are rarely paid for these appearances. They simply do it because they love it, which makes their input all the more valuable, as you always know their blogs come from the heart.”


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The Story Of When He Cheated On Me

The Story Of When He Cheated On Me

*For their own protection and privacy I’m going to change their names even though I’m pretty sure you will actually know who I’m on about anyway*

*This is just one story of the many boyfriends that have cheated on me but this is the one that has had the most impact on me mentally*


Okay, so by the title you can tell that this is the story of when an ex boyfriend cheated on me, I don’t have ANY contact with him & I don’t think he even knows that I write this blog, I just hope he never finds out about it!

I have never really felt loved, or really been in love with someone, at the time, I might have felt a great lust and love for that person, but I just knew in the back of my mind, it wasn’t love, it wasn’t what “love” was supposed to be. My friends would tell me this over and over again and tell me to leave while I still could, but I stayed, only because really in my mind, he was the only person I wanted to be with, even though realistically he would only break my heart more in the long run to how much he was at the time.

There was this one guy, lets name him Harry, Harry was a really nice guy, attractive, funny, sensitive when he needed to be, but it just wasn’t “Love” at the time, I was in-love with him, he knew just HOW much I was in love with him, I thought I would last forever with him, I thought he was the greatest person to walk this earth, but really he wasn’t. He would lie to me, and not forgetting that he did actually cheat on me, even though he is claiming he didn’t and that he came out as gay to me, just short of two weeks of getting back together with me after a “break”. I mean, how can someone say that they’re gay but still be in-love with that certain person. His “cousin” messaged me saying that he was cheating on me, at the time, I was the type of person who just wouldn’t confront someone and I would just let them get away with anything they wanted, this I know now, wasn’t the way to go. Anyway, I brushed it off as she was just trying to stir things up because you know how some certain girls can be. I spoke to a few of my friends about it because I was just feeling so confused about the whole situation, they all said that I should ask him first hand about it, if he loved me then he would just tell me the truth, no matter how hard that is for him.

Image result for being cheated on quotes

He told me the truth. It turned out to be true. I was, to say the least DEVASTATED! I honestly felt so sick with the whole thing, I thought I could trust him, I thought that he wouldn’t do it again (just as a reference to that he cheated on me previously to December when we broke up officially and managed to get passed that). I just didn’t want to talk to him at that point, but the stupid inner me said “It’s okay” and thinking about now I would have KICKED myself for that LIKE OF COURSE IT’S NOT OKAY WHY ARE YOU SAYING THAT AMY BREAK UP WITH HIM.

We managed to last until the end of December just before Christmas and my birthday, and that was a couple of weeks after he told me the devastating news, literally I was destroyed.  This wasn’t how I wanted to end a on-and-off two and a half year relationship.

He told me he was gay and that he “felt” gay about 6 months into the relationship, but what fucked me up the most about that was he waited until two years after to tell me that the first time he cheated on me was just an excuse for me to leave him, but I am a reasonable person and will always give people second chances, and I know in that situation I gave second, third or fourth chances, which I know was stupid but I was SO in love with him  I couldn’t help myself.

Another thing to mention is that he was REALLY horrible to one of my best friends that just happens to be gay, he would be so homophobic and that just doesn’t make sense if he’s claiming to be gay himself.

Now don’t get me wrong the first part of the relationship was great, he made me so happy, but then it became lie after lie and the longer I left to break up with him while I still had the chance, the more hurt I was after he really did break up with me and it was really over.

Related image

I really felt like I was being used, my trust was abused, and bruised, crumpled like paper, I’ve never been able to trust any guys in the way that I should, it takes me A LOT to trust a guy, proper trust them in ways I won’t get paranoid if he replies late or goes out with friends, it literally makes me feel fucking CRAZY.

Being cheated on DOES affect someone in ways you won’t understand if you haven’t been cheated on, I don’t know what goes through someones head when they cheat, imagine breaking someones heart, and causing them so much pain & upset to that they can’t trust anyone without being crazy and paranoid that there’s someone else as well as them.

Looking back now giving Harry a second or third chance over and over again was really stupid and dumb and I knew that, but my friends knew just how much I loved him, it didn’t even matter what he did to hurt me, I thought he was a saint.

He would tell me that he didn’t love me anymore, and call me names, almost emotionally abusing me, calling me names to damage my self-confidence, which at the time I never told anyone that, that’s exactly what was going on, what I told my friends was a completely different story to what was actually going on behind closed doors.

My mistakes I will learn from them, only learn from them and I will make sure that history NEVER repeats itself, that experience was horrible, and I really just wish that I had broken up with him before I became so damaged from all the lies and things he was telling me. I am a stronger person now and I have learnt to take control of myself and how others treat me, I will no longer be walked all over.


Thank you for reading this post if you read right until the end, it means a lot to me. Keep smiling 🙂 x x

Everyday Makeup Routine

Everyday Makeup Routine

Whenever I go out, I always like to put makeup on, if I am home all day I don’t tend to put makeup on.

The first thing I use is primer, primer helps makeup go on easier and last longer. Simply dab some onto your fingertips to apply it. Work the primer into your skin wherever you plan on wearing makeup. If you’ll be wearing foundation, this means your forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks. If you’re planning on adding eyeshadow to your look, add some primer to your eyelids, this will help the eyeshadow set better, also help it be more pigmented.

Foundations come in many varieties, each offering different benefits and drawbacks. While some use solid foundation sticks, liquid foundations tend to be the more popular option. If you need advice on what foundation shade you need, read my blog post on Choosing The Right Foundation Shade. Although you’ll probably already know what shade you are.
If you have any uneven areas that show through your foundation, such as pimples or dark circles under your eyes, you can cover them up with a little concealer. Dab a tiny amount to these areas and blend the concealer using the same technique you used for your foundation.

When using foundation, you should always finish with a powder. This will help your makeup to set, making it last longer and keeping it from rubbing off. Use a brush to lightly dust on some translucent powder to your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin


Blushes and bronzers are both pigmented powders designed to enhance your skin. Blush is meant to add a healthy, slightly flushed look to your cheeks, while bronzer gives your skin a sun-kissed appearance. Both are meant to be used on the cheeks, but you can also apply bronzer to your nose, chin, and forehead. Use a rounded makeup brush to dust either one (or both) onto your skin.

A very black mascara is a must-have for a range of complexions, while dark-skinned women look great in a colour mascara. Apply one light stroke on the inner lashes but extra strokes on outer lashes.

You can use an eyeliner pencil, brush on liquid eyeliner, or layer the liquid over the solid. Use black or dark brown. If you’re going for a colourful look, you may choose to use a darker version of your eyeshadow’s shade instead.

Eye Shadow
You’ll need at least two colours to start, with one darker than the other. Think about the look you want to have. When it comes to eyeshadow, you have three general options:

  • The natural look. With this look, many people won’t even notice you’re wearing eye makeup. Pick colours that are close to your skin tone. Use a neutral eyeshadow palette made up of peaches, olives, tans, and/or browns.
  • The smoky look. For smoky eyes, you’ll definitely look like you’re wearing makeup. However, this is a very popular look right now with many people incorporating it into their everyday makeup. Use a palette of dark grays and charcoals. Avoid true black eyeshadow, as it’s difficult to create depth when working with black.
  • The colourful look. For this, anything goes. Pick your favourite colour or one that compliments your eyes. For shadows, use either a darker version of this colour or a smoky charcoal.

Just like your eyeshadow, you will have to choose between natural-looking lip colours and ones that are obviously makeup. For everyday makeup, most people like to go with neutral pinks and browns that are closest to their natural lip colour. Others like to add classic red or plum lipstick.


Makeup setter

Finish your look with some setting spray, this will help you keep your makeup in place and also help it to last longer on a night out with your friends

Liebster Award – Discover New Bloggers

Recently I was nominated for the Liebster Blogger Award by Rosie Fortune, read her blog post here.

Thank you for nominating me, here are the answers to the questions:

1) Do you have any pets? If so what do you have? If not, what would you want?
I want a cute puppy!

2) Where are you from?
Bristol, but I’ve lived in and grew up in Somerset all my life

3) Favourite food.

4) Favourite baby names.
Alicia, Josh, James, Harry, Louise, Lily

5) If you had all the money in the world, what would you buy?
I would buy a car! And a house!

6) Name your favourite Disney film.
The Lion King

7) Cats or dogs?

8) What do you order at McDonalds?
I don’t even like McDonalds ahaha

9) What was your biggest tune when you was younger?
Anything by S Club 7

10) Mayo, delicious or disgusting?

11) Do you have a favourite quote? If so what is it?
everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

My nominees
Lauren – Hot Off The Gloss
Meg – The Write Blog
Han – At Home With Han
Maria J – Maria J
Beth – Beth Louise

Your questions
1) Whats your favourite thing about blogging?
2) How do you plan out your posts?
3) Are you doing blogmas this year?
4) What year were you born and what’s your favourite song from that year?
5) What is your favourite song from your childhood?
6) What is your favourite netflix series?
7) Where do you keep your ketchup? In the fridge or cupboard?
8) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
9) Do you like documentaries? If you do, what are your favourite topics?
10) What do you blog about?



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