The Q&A Blogger Tag

The Q&A Blogger Tag

As a beauty/lifestyle blogger myself I thought it was important to intro this post with a beauty and lifestyle tag, but looking through some of the ones on google, I found that the beauty and lifestyle blogger tags seemed to be the same, so I thought I would do a blogger Q&A with different blog questions and questions to do with my blog.


Disclaimer: I made these questions up so you’re welcome to use them yourselves if you wish. 🙂

When did you start blogging & what made you start blogging

Originally, I started blogging at the beginning of January of 2016, I was running 4 blogs the whole of 2016, in the middle of January of this year (2017) I decided to move all of my blogs to one, that in itself was good, but then in March I decided to change up and delete some of my older posts, change the schedule up and the name. In May of this year I created Wanderlust Amy, where I posted my beauty, fashion, lifestyle, blogging and baking type blog posts. And I also had Amy Louise Blogs where I posted food, reviews, wellbeing, travel and fitness posts, and now I’ve got this blog, I rebranded and changed my social media, instagram, twitter, pinterest and facebook page, hopefully I will stick to this which I think I will because WordPress is good and easy to use, so with a bit of luck I’ll stick to it!

I started blogging because I had just got out of a bad relationship the December before, I needed something to distract me and somewhere to express myself and also something to stop my boredom ahahh.


What’s your favourite things to write about?

I really like writing about beauty and lifestyle as well as sharing my favourite baking recipes and giving my best advice


Where do you get inspiration for your blog posts?

There are loads of inspirational ideas on pinterest, if you search for blog post ideas they link you to other people’s blog posts where they’ve written blog posts, so realy other people’s blog posts and pinterest.


Is there any advice you want to give to new bloggers?

Don’t worry about numbers to begin with, it doesn’t matter when you’re just beginning especially if you’ve got no social media or blog following and if you just do it as a hobby you don’t need to be obsessive and tracking all of your stats every month. If you’re a professional blogger and taking it more seriously it’s useful to know your stats and what age group your audience are ect, to know what types of blog posts will be more popular, but obviously at the end of the day, your blog is your blog and it’s up to you what you write about, as long as you do write about something that you know, and if you don’t it will come across as you not having much knowledge on the subject!


Is there anything you would change about your blog?

I would love to change the design of my blog, obviously not really being a fan of the colour pink, it needs to be something up more my street, but I suppose that will change when I  get the premium (hopefully soon). Other than that my blog is new so there isn’t really anything that I need to change.


25 Facts About ME

25 Facts About ME



I think, if I’m correct, I’ve already done this but on my Wanderlust Amy blog, which I no longer write on, but I thought I would do an updated version on this blog, since there’s a few of you following me now and I did think it was nice just to make sure there are a few “get to know me” type posts on here before I start writing my proper posts, this coming Monday.

  1. I have a twin sister
  2. So does my mum
  3. My lucky number is 6
  4. My favourite colour is purple
  5. But I also love mint green
  6. I love pastel colours
  7. I don’t like pink – but my sister is obsessed with it
  8. My nickname “Ames” is longer than my actual name – Amy, that’s weird hahaha
  9. I love Ed Sheeran
  10. I love Shawn Mendes
  11. I love Ed Westwick
  12. My favourite singer is Ed Sheeran
  13. My favourite band are 5sos
  14. I’m scared of the dark
  15. I’m obsessed with Disney
  16. I’m also obsessed with Harry Potter
  17. I love blogging
  18. I love watching YouTube
  19. Little Mix are my favourite female band
  20. At the moment, my favourite song is Despicito
  21. My music taste is so random
  22. Pastel colours are my aesthetic
  23. I turn to my friends & twitter for advice
  24. I love my twitter followers & fellow blogger pals
  25. My best friends’ name is Lucy