How To Deal With Dry Skin

How To Deal With Dry Skin

Before you invest in skincare products designed for dry skin, it’s important to know whether your skin is dry or lacking in water and therefore dehydrated. Dehydrated skin will look dry and feel tight, especially after cleansing and even after you’ve applied moisturiser. Dry skin is lacking in oil, which means it tends to be rough and possibly flaky, and if you dab it with a tissue, you’ll notice there’s no oily residue.

Dry skin can also become irritated owing to a lack of sebum, which not only acts as a natural moisturiser but also forms a barrier on the skin’s surface, protecting it against infection and pollutants.


The best ingredients for dry skin

Ingredients such as manuka honey, hyaluronic acid and glycerin are best for dry skin. Manuka honey absorbs and retains moisture, keeping skin hydrated. Both hyaluronic acid and glycerin act like a sponge, attracting and drawing moisture into the skin.


The best cleansers for dry skin

Cream, milk or gel-based cleansers are best for dry skin as they’re the gentlest. Make sure they don’t contain alcohol, which can cause further drying.


Skincare for dry skin

Dry skin tends not to get as many spots or blemishes as other types, but it is more prone to fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eye area. So choose eye creams that are targeted to deal with anti-ageing and apply them as the first step in your routine.

Follow the eye cream with a serum – preferably containing hyaluronic acid – and then apply a moisturiser; choose one with glycerin to prevent moisture escaping. If your skin is in need of an additional moisture boost, apply a drop of oil on top of the moisturiser in areas that are dry or prone to dryness and massage in. This will help the moisturiser penetrate into your skin and make it more effective.




Best makeup for dry skin

Heavy foundation on dry skin can look quite cakey and often dry it out even more. A BB cream is a good alternative, as it acts like a primer, moisturiser and foundation in one and usually contains an SPF to fight the sun’s wrinkle-causing rays.

For dark circles, choose a concealer with added skincare benefits. When choosing eyeshadows and blushers, use cream formulations rather than powders, which can be tricky to blend on dry skin.



How To Deal With Oily Skin

How To Deal With Oily Skin

This type of skin has overactive sebaceous glands, producing more oil than is necessary. Oily skin can be caused by hereditary factors, diet, hormone levels, pregnancy, stress, and unsuitable skin products or cosmetics. Oily skin often leads to acne flare-ups, blackheads and enlarged pores.

The good news about oily skin is that it is one of your skin’s best anti-ageing mechanisms. Oil production is a normal part of healthy skin and people with a naturally oily skin type tend to have fewer wrinkles. But it can be difficult to see that long-term silver lining when you are fighting blemishes and shiny skin.

To improve skin health when you have oily skin is a delicate balancing act between controlling the negative impacts of the oil without stripping away the natural benefits.


What is the best skin care routine for an oily skin type?

Find good skin care products to improve skin health and maximise the glowing potential of your oily skin type. It is vital to thoroughly clean oily skin regularly with a gentle, soap-free cleanser, as well as providing light, controlling moisture.

The right, oil-free moisturiser will keep oily skin looking its best: avoiding an unattractive shine while preventing skin from drying out.

It is also important to vary the amount of moisturiser applied to your face depending on whether the area tends to be dry or oily and also adjust your skin care routine to the season.


More Beauty Hacks

More Beauty Hacks
  1. Put vaseline around the edges of nails before painting to easily wipe away any stray marks without ruining your manicure.
  2. Use a spoon for an easy winged eyeliner guide.
  3. To prevent blisters, rub clear deodorant on your heels or anywhere your shoes rub to stop friction.
  4. Use white eyeliner as a pencil eyeshadow primer
  5. Keep nail polish in the fridge to avoid bubbles while painting your nails.
  6. Save your old mascara brush to use to apply eyebrow colour.
  7. Twist hair into a ponytail, then snip any split ends sticking out with scissors to get rid of dead ends without a haircut.
  8. Heat your curler to make it more effective
  9. For natural and effective makeup remover, use coconut oil
  10. To fix a broken lipstick: use a lighter to melt the bottom of the broken piece. Reattach it to the stick, hold in place, and put it in the fridge for 1 hour.


New Look Makeup Review

New Look Makeup Review

When I made a trip to New Look recently I was excited to see they had brought out a new range of makeup products. At the time I couldn’t stop to see what was on offer as I was in a rush but I have now had the opportunity to have a look online and also to try out some of the Pure Colour range so I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

Pure Colour Matte Lipstick – Sweet Rose £3.99

I think this has to be the best product made by New Look and it is a very close dupe to my favourite lipstick of all time, MAC Mehr but slightly more purple toned in colour but on the lips it looks identical and texture is very similar too.

This is a gorgeous mauve pink, it is matte but not so drying and feels comfortable to wear. I usually wear a lip balm underneath to make it abit more comfortable, exactly like I do with the Mac one and it lasts the same amount of time, around 4 hours maybe more.

For £3.99 this is a bargain and worth so much more!

Pure Colour Baked Eyeshadows

How gorgeous is the new range of baked eyeshadows! I really liked the look of the range when I saw it online. There are five different shades in the range, gold, mid brown, stone, cream and grey. I got the Mid Brown which is a really nice medium brown shade with a subtle shimmer, the Cream which is beautiful shimmery shade, Stone which is a gorgeous shimmery bronze shade, and which is more of a greyish shade with a subtle gold shimmer through it. I was really impressed with the eyeshadows, they are really pigmented, easy to blend and don’t fade. I’m hoping they expand this range to include more colours and perhaps a matte range too.

Pure Colour Eyeliner

When it comes to eyeliners I normally choose black, on this occasion I wanted a more subtle look to go with the eyeshadows so I opted for the brown and I’m glad I did. I really like the mid brown colour, it applies really easily using the soft pencil nib, and is long lasting. This is definitely one to pick up when you’re next in store as it’s priced at just £1.99 and could easily rival more expensive eyeliners.

Pure Colour Nail Polish

As well as the makeup range there is a new range of nail polishes! Since we are almost into the summer months I decided to choose a nice summery shade – Coral #83. I think the packaging is nice, the brush is okay as nail varnish brushes go but I did find that the product is a little on the runny side. Although on the website it is described as being ‘a unique one coat formula’ I didn’t find this to be true and had to give it 2 coats to get good coverage. On a positive note it dries very quickly which is great as I always manage to smudge my nails when it doesn’t dry quickly.

Real Techniques Brushes: BEAUTY REVIEW

Real Techniques Brushes: BEAUTY REVIEW

What are Real Techniques?
These are some of the best brushes for makeup that you’ll find, and these are most-certainly some of the best around, matching in my opinion, with the Lottie London Brushes. Incase you’re not familiar, it’s a line by well known YouTuber Samantha Chapman. I first ran into these brushes when talking to a friend about some of the brushes we have and also would like to get, Each Real Techniques brush has it’s own name and it’s always written on the brush itself which is always useful.

The Price?
The brushes themselves are quite expensive for what they are and I’m not sure if I would buy a lot of them all at once, I’d have to, if I was going to buy them, I’d have to get one or two a month until I have all of them, I wouldn’t dare buy them all at once haha, that would be very damaging to my bank account since, they’re £10.99 or more a brush, or a set for just under £21.

The Brushes:

In the Real Techniques range there are lots of different brushes, they’re split into 3 catagories; face, eyes and finish, as you would expect, the face brushes would be bruses for your foundation, concealer and primer (if you choose it), the eye brushes would be for your eyeshadow, shading brush (for shading two colours of eye shadow together) and liquid eyeliner if you decide you want to apply it with a longer handled brush (always easier). And the finish catagory would be pressed powder, bronzer, highlight and contour (if you choose).

What can they be used for?

The Real Techniques range have a vace selection of brushes, here is a list of all the Real Technique brushes and
what the could be used for;

– Stippling Brush: Apply liquid or cream foundation with this brush, and also cream blushes or highlighters.
– Blush Brush: As the name kindly suggests, use this for blusher, or as well as a pressed powder, bronzer or highlighter.
– Setting Brush: Can be used to apply under the eye concealer & highlighting targeted areas.
– Expert Face Brush: Used to apply liquid foundation.

Face (The Core Collection):
– Buffing Brush: Perfect for pressed powder, if you want full coverage.
– Contour Brush: Used to apply contour and highlighter.
– Pointed Foundation Brush: Can be used for foundation or blending out concealer under the eyes.
– Detailer Brush: Cover up small spots or blemishes with concealer, or as a smudgy eyeliner.

Eyes (The Starter Set):
– Deluxe Crease Brush: Used for liquid concealer
– Base Shadow Brush: Purely used for what the name suggests; EYESHADOW!!!
– Brow Brush: Can be used to fill in and shape your eyebrows as it’s angled, it’s good for that job!!
– Accent Brush: Perfect for highlighting smudgy eyeliner
– Shading Brush: Another eyeshadow brush, but for shading the colours!

All-in-all I think these brushes are such good quality at such a low price, although they are pricey just for a makeup brush, the quality of the brushes is amazing and I love how all the brushes do exactly the job that you anticipated for them to do.

Beauty Hacks

Beauty Hacks
  1. For better grip, flip the bobby pin over so the wavy side is against your head.

If you have a hard time keeping your bobby pins in place, try flipping the pin over. The straight side is slicker and won’t grip as well as the wavy, more textured side.


  1. Insert bobby pins into your ponytail holder vertically to prop up your ponytail.

Once you’ve put your hair in a ponytail, insert two or three bobby pins halfway inside the elastic and facing downward toward the crown of your head. Then, fluff your ponytail and flip it over for a fuller look that won’t sag or droop.


  1. Texturize milkmaid braids with a teasing brush or toothbrush.

French maid braids look best when they’re roughed up a little to achieve that lived-in look. To get that effect instantly, take a teasing brush or a toothbrush, and texturize the braids by brushing them against the way they’ve been braided.


  1. Twist your hair, and slip your bobby pin underneath to discreetly pin back your strands.

If you’re looking for a way to pull back the sides of your hair but don’t want the pins to show, try this simple technique: Insert a bobby pin with the open end pointing toward your face and in the opposite direction of the section you’re pinning back. If one bobby pin isn’t strong enough, try using a larger one or reinforce it with a second pin right below.


  1. Dust an eyeshadow (in the same colour family as your hair) along your part to shade your scalp slightly, making your hair appear thicker.

Not only will this trick work IRL, but in pictures your hair will appear super-thick. You can also use this hack along your hairline if you wear it in a ponytail a lot or simply don’t like to part your hair to get the same results.


  1. Make your nail polish dry faster by soaking your nails in ice water after painting them.

Fill a bowl with ice and water, and soak your nails for a few minutes after painting them. The cold water will set the paint and help your nails dry faster.


  1. The most flattering way to apply concealer is to draw a triangle with the base under your eye and the point toward your cheek. 

This shape not only conceals dark circles, but it also instantly creates the illusion that your face is lifted. Think of it as holding a flashlight against your cheek, shining the light right underneath your eye, and drawing the focus upward.


  1. Use a concealer that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone to line three tiny sections of your eyes: the inner “V,” the middle section of your eyelid, and just below your brow bone.

Lightly blend for instantly well-rested eyes and a highlight that looks natural. Great for days when you didn’t get enough sleep (or are just hungover).


  1. Amp up your going-out makeup by contouring and highlighting your facial features with two concealers: one two shades darker than your skin tone and one two shades lighter. 

If you’re using pencil concealers, you have more control of the placement, which makes contouring easy. Just draw the lighter shade of concealer on the areas that naturally catch light, and use a darker one to shade in the areas that are naturally shaded. Then, blend with a buffing brush like this one from Tarte Cosmetics.




  1. Fix foundation stains with a little bit of shaving cream. 

If you take off your shirt and accidentally smudge your makeup on the collar, just wipe a dollop of shaving cream on the spot to pretreat it before tossing it in the wash.


  1. Add saline solution to a flaky mascara formula to re-wet it. 

You’re only supposed to keep mascara for three months, because beyond that point, it can collect bacteria and lead to eye infections. However, if your mascara dries up within three months, revive it with a couple drops of saline solution.


  1. Hit your eyelash curler with a hair dryer to heat it up, so your lashes curl easier.

Blowing hot air on your eyelash curler will help your lashes curl easier and stay curled longer. It works the same way as when your hair holds a curl with a curling iron; heat changes the pattern of your hair. To do it, hit the lash curler with your blow dryer until it heats up, wait until it cools slightly but is still warm (you want to be sure not to burn your eyelid), and then clamp down on your lashes to curl them.


  1. Turn a pencil eyeliner into a gel formula with the help of a match or lighter.

Hold your black, green, burgundy, etc., kohl eye pencil (which typically creates a thin, harder-to-apply line), under the flame for one second, let it cool for 15 seconds, and then watch the consistency change right before your eyes. Glide on your newly made gel liner for an instantly smudgier formula.


  1. Use the handle and the rounded edge of a spoon to create the perfect winged liner.

Hold the handle of a spoon against the outer corner of your eye, and draw a straight line. Then, flip the spoon so it’s hugging your eyelid, and use the rounded outer edge to create a perfectly curved, winged tip. After you’ve made your outline, fill it in, and draw a line across your lashline to finish the look.


  1. Dust baby powder over your eyelashes between the first and second coats of mascara to plump up your lashes.

Translucent powder or baby powder has grip, so it will stick to your lashes in between each coat of mascara, making your lashes appear more voluminous.

The Ultimate Guide To Nail Care

The Ultimate Guide To Nail Care

The key to a good manicure is a healthy nail. But if your talons are giving you a little grief here’s how to fix the most common concerns:

Nail ridges

The most common cause of nail ridges is ageing, but they can also be caused by an injury – trapping them in a door, for instance. Help restore healthy nails with a specialist treatment containing a nutrient-rich formula designed to smooth and plump out the nail, giving a perfectly even finish. Use the treatment on its own, or before your usual base coat whenever you paint your nails.

Weak nails

If your nails break easily, you need a strengthening treatment. Look for a specialist product that’s loaded with calcium and keratin – two ingredients that work to support and strengthen weak nails, as well as helping to defend against any damage. Use this type of product instead of your usual base coat, or wear it alone.

Nails That Won’t Grow

If your nails never grow past a certain length before splitting or breaking, try a strengthening formula that promotes fast growth. It’ll be a formula enriched with nutrients, multivitamins, and collagen to help them grow longer, stronger and healthier. Use under your usual base coat or wear it alone.

How to Look After your Cuticles

It’s easy to forget cuticles need a bit of TLC, too. Dehydrated cuticles can make otherwise healthy nails look dull and lacklustre, so invest in a cuticle oil, in a bottle or a pen, that you can use on the go, and apply at least twice a day. Cuticle oil works by forming a protective barrier that locks in moisture, as well as helping to soothe chapped skin and preventing nails from becoming brittle.

Every time you paint your nails, take the time to push your cuticles back, too – this will keep them looking neat and can make your nails look longer.

To push them back, apply nail oil or specialist cuticle cream to the area and leave it for 5-10 minutes, to help soften them. Using a cuticle stick, gently push the cuticles back to the base of the nail, then use a cuticle nipper or gentle nail scissors to get rid of any excess.