Do what you like 
You don’t even have to be super good in it and it doesn’t have to be something trendy or whatever. If you like it then do it because that will put you in a better mood which makes it easier to think positive and others will notice that as well.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Oh man. She is thinner, he has better grades and she has the “perfect” boyfriend you always wanted. And now? What does it change in your life? Nothing. Comparing yourself is useless and depressing so stop doing it. You can go in small steps but always remember that everyone has their mistakes and good sides. You do too, they may only differ.

Be grateful 

Always keep in your mind what you are grateful for. You may as well write it down. It can be simple things like your family, friends or even that you have clean water and food every day. All these things aren’t natural, not everyone has them, remember that and be grateful.

Spend time with people you like

Family and friends are the most important things to stay positive since we love them and enjoy the time we spend with them. So basically do that and you’ll already have more positivity in your life.

Collect compliments you get.

Literally. Take pieces of paper and a jar or a journal were you can write down every compliment you get. Maybe someone liked your hair or outfit today? Write it down. And if you feel insecure or depressed read through them and you’ll feel better instantly. Also if you feel okay do so once in a while because it will give you strength and optimism.

Have a journal 

This is useful for two reasons. First you can write down all your thoughts to free your mind. 
Second you can write down what you liked about the day every night. This will reflect all the positive things that happened this day and you can read through them whenever you like to always remember that in general you live a good life.

Positivity can come.


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