Hello everyone, I’m Amy and I wanna welcome you to my little space on the internet, there are lots of things that I like to write about including beauty, fashion, lifestyle and of course my absolute FAVOURITE lists!!!! I love lists more than anything!!! But anyway, I did have a blog on blogger but a lot of people have recommended to use WordPress now I’m a bit more popular and that there are a lot more features available on the premium plan, if you can see, the menu includes:



  • This includes pr/disclaimer, blog header designs, advertising, anything that you need to know about me and what I offer from my blog.


Blog Archive

  • The archive of all my blog posts, sorted into categories


Shop My Favourites

  • wardrobe – the items in my wardrobe – affiliate links from Shopstyle
  • makeup bag – the items in my makeup bag – affiliate links from Shopstyle (superdrug)



  • The categories on my blog, drop down menu, some of the categories have sub-categories too


Blog Post Ideas

  • The blog post ideas that I’ve come up with in the different categories



  • Some photos that I’ve been taking






Teen Talks Blog

  • An advice blog for teens to read



  • This means I will earn a little commission if you shop via the links in the drop down menu

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